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BLS Factory Replica Breitling Premier Review

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The initial replica timepiece I became involved with was a 1:1 super replica Breitling Navitimer, a standout among the best-selling models a decade ago when I first entered the industry. Back then, there was notable buzz surrounding a factory known as “H” due to their production of high-quality Avenger Breitling replica watches, garnering widespread attention across forums. It’s worth noting that H consistently updated their versions, marking what could be considered the inception of super clones within the industry. Despite the rapid evolution of replica watch craftsmanship leading to an abundance of top-quality options today, I believe the pinnacle has passed, particularly with the closure of the Noob factory, which produced exceptional Daytona replicas, emblematic of the highest echelons of watchmaking prowess. As for Breitling, once a prominent brand in our market, only one or two models, perhaps just one, such as the Avenger BlackBird V4 from GF, retain enduring popularity.

Presently, a discernible trend in replica watches acquisition is emerging: aficionados seeking the utmost quality pay little heed to price, prioritizing replicas that meticulously replicate every aspect of genuine timepieces. Nonetheless, certain watches, despite manufacturers’ best efforts, still fall short of perfection; the Breitling Navitimer serves as a prime example, with its bezel and dial intricacies proving challenging to replicate accurately, likely contributing to its lackluster sales performance.

Regarding the Breitling Premier, introduced by BLS in 2020, it’s worth noting that despite not being a novel model, it comprises four distinct variants, each distinguished by dial color: black, white, blue, and green. Encased within a polished 42mm round case, with a slender profile of 12.5mm, the Premier defies expectations for an automatic chronograph watch. The case boasts a mirror-polished finish complemented by brushed sides, while the solid case back features polished engravings of “BREITLING,” “1884,” and the Breitling logo, set against a contrasting sanded finish.

Functionally, the replica watch mirrors the genuine article, complete with a fully operational chronograph mechanism. Take, for instance, the black dial variant, which showcases three subdials, each exhibiting authentic features against a black backdrop with subtle silver-grey accents. Positioned at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock respectively, the minute and hour chronograph counters initiate with the push of a button, while the central seconds chronograph hand, distinguished by a red tip, springs into action. Complementing its functionality, the watch comes equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, with the option of a leather strap also available from the BLS factory.

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