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It might require some time to process our feelings toward an emoji Rolex or to negotiate with our partner about acquiring that L.U.C. In the meantime, let’s examine some high-quality counterfeit watches from the UK that we’ve all had ample time to contemplate.

This week’s selection of pre-owned timepieces focuses on the neo-vintage best 1:1 replica watches in our assortment. These watches haven’t reached the age for AARP membership, yet they’re not young enough to avoid acquiring the patina of tritium or the marks that accompany non-ceramic bezels. There’s no universally accepted definition for the neo-vintage era, but it generally spans from the resurgence of mechanical watchmaking after the quartz crisis until the advent of modern luminescence and materials, which ushered us into a new era of watchmaking, approximately from 1980 to 2000.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Coke Ref. 16710

For current aficionados of the flawless counterfeit Rolex GMT-Master II, the Coke versus Pepsi debate doesn’t apply. Despite the enduring popularity of its original production from 1983 to 2007, this black and red bezel combination hasn’t transitioned to the modern era of ceramic bezels.

This particular model 16710 hails from 1991, a period when Rolex was evolving from its origins as a maker of tool watches to a purveyor of luxury items. Unlike older GMT-Masters where the lume plots were applied directly to the dial, here they’re encased in white gold, adding depth and a luxurious gleam. This imitation Rolex exhibits a minor scuff on the white gold minute hand, yet its tritium has matured to a stunning cream hue over 30 years, a result requiring patience and luck. The aluminum bezel remains in excellent condition for its age, displaying some patina on the lower red portion. The classic lug hole case and oyster bracelet are both in fine condition..

Replica Breitling Navtimer Twin Sixty 2 Ref. A39022.1

Despite its name, this timepiece isn’t your typical Navitimer; it’s the remarkably unique AAA replica Breitling Twin Sixty 2. Crafted for a brief period in 1999, this watch didn’t even make it into Breitling’s annual catalog before being discontinued. Measuring just under 42mm in diameter, the case is actually smaller than many authentic Swiss movement fake Breitling Navitimers, yet it retains the slide-rule scale and all chronograph functionalities. The chronograph features a conventional seconds hand, with a sizable minute hand positioned closely for convenient elapsed minute readings. At six o’clock, the sub-dial boasts two hands: one for tracking hours and the other for minutes, hence the moniker “Twin Sixty.” The sub-dials at three and nine display running seconds and a 24-hour clock, respectively. The generously sized hour markers ensure effortless legibility, defying expectations for a timepiece packed with such comprehensive information. A rare gem, produced for only one year and in superb condition—this is the kind of treasure that neo-vintage collectors avidly pursue.

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