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KOR Factory Replica Breitling Navitimer 1 38mm with Swiss SW200 Movement

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In recent times, there hasn’t been a notable influx of impressive replica Breitling watches in the market that truly excite enthusiasts, with the exception of the GF-produced Avenger BlackBird. It appears that Breitling’s popularity has waned compared to its previous status. Recommending a high-quality Breitling replica has become a bit challenging, as aside from the GF Avenger BlackBird and a few Superocean models, there are few other replica Breitling watches that merit consideration.

Today, I’d like to bring attention to a Breitling Navitimer watch crafted by KOR. Despite not being a new entrant, KOR has been a presence in the market for a while and has gained recognition for producing commendable replicas, particularly in the realm of Cartier Panthere watches. The Breitling Navitimer I’m introducing stands out because it is among the rare replicas that incorporate an original Swiss movement.

The Navitimer doesn’t align with my preferences, mainly due to its larger size, even though this particular model comes in a smaller dimension of 38mm*10mm. The dial, with its multitude of digits and unfamiliar lettering, doesn’t resonate with me, as I find it challenging to decipher their meanings. Clearly, when seeking a daily timepiece, many individuals might not opt for the Breitling Navitimer due to these design characteristics. The bezel, adorned with numerous flutes, appears somewhat exaggerated, contributing to an overall design that doesn’t align with my personal taste.

Nevertheless, putting aside my stylistic preferences, the Navitimer from the KOR factory stands out for its superior case finish, complemented by the inclusion of an original Swiss movement.

KOR provides a range of dial colors for this model, including black, blue, and white, and my personal favorite among these is the blue variant. Despite the case having a modest diameter of 38mm, the dial gives the impression of being more spacious due to the slender bezel. The multi-layered construction of the dial contributes to a well-organized layout, managing to avoid a cluttered appearance despite various elements. Readability remains uncompromised, even with the presence of numerous factors.

The stick hour markers, fashioned from stainless steel, are three-dimensional and exhibit a high-quality aesthetic. Similarly, the central hour and minute hands boast multiple cutting faces, enhancing the overall sophistication of the watch.

The primary highlight of this replica Breitling watch resides in its movement – a Swiss SW200 automatic. In the market, a few replica watches feature original Swiss movements, and I plan to detail them in a future article. The Swiss SW200 is a commendable movement, boasting stability comparable to the renowned Swiss ETA 2824. With this movement, the thickness of this Breitling Navitimer 1 replica is measured at a slender 10mm. Additionally, it’s worth noting that KOR also provides an alternative with a clone 2824-2 movement for this Navitimer model.

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